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Pop-Up Wedding vs. Traditional Wedding

By: The GrandWay
March 7, 2022

Whether you want a full traditional wedding or a more intimate/smaller pop-up wedding the team at The GrandWay can help! A big or smaller wedding never means you have to take away style, personality, or elegance. BOTH types of weddings have benefits and will give you an amazing experience, one to remember for years to come.

Pop-Up Weddings at The GrandWay

These are simplified versions of larger weddings. Each day we host pop-up weddings, couples can choose the timeslot that works best for them. Multiple couples share a pop-up wedding date. From the ceremony to the reception, we take care of all the planning so that you can fully enjoy your special day.

What is included in a Pop-Up Wedding:

  • A two-hour wedding experience including:
    • Ceremony (20mins)
    • Flowers – bouquets and boutonnières
    • Photographer
    • Selection of hors d’oeuvres
    • Cake or cupcakes
    • Toast with bubbly
    • Live music
    • In-house decor
    • Wedding Coordinator for the day of

Why couples love this style of wedding:

  • Lower cost
  • Less time commitment
  • Everything is included
  • Very intimate

Learn more about Pop-Up Weddings at The GrandWay.

Traditional Weddings at The GrandWay

A traditional wedding gives you a more customized approach to your day. Allowing you to take your time and manage your budget exactly how you want to. The GrandWay Hall can be used in conjunction with our grounds for an outdoor ceremony or the River Room as an indoor alternative.

What is included in a Traditional Wedding:

  • A totally CUSTOMIZED experience or a package (including guests, food, cake, drinks, seating, etc), you can choose from our wedding packages
  • Flexible budget
  • A wedding coordinator is with you throughout the whole planning process
  • Indoor or outdoor options (or do a combo!)
  • Be creative while using our 53-acre grounds

Why couples love this style of wedding:

  • They can do everything how they want.
  • Full meal or and endless food options
  • More guests to celebrate with
  • Longer dance party
  • More decor

Learn more about our Wedding Packages at The GrandWay.

Keep it intimate or celebrate with many guests…you do you. We are here to support you through your planning process, our Wedding Coordinators will work with you to ensure your big day is flawless.

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