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Band or DJ?

By: The GrandWay
September 17, 2020
Event Planning, Parties & Special Occasions, Weddings

Band or DJ? Live entertainment or iPod playlist (are iPods still a thing)? Band AND DJ? Honestly, it really does depend! On this topic, we don’t have all of the answers, but we do have a lot of the right questions!

Is there enough space? It’s no secret that a DJ takes up less space than a live band. A dance floor takes up space as well. What is the capacity of your venue, how many people are you planning for. Be sure to chat layout with your venue team before committing one way or another to a band or DJ.

Is cost a factor? If you’re comfortable with either option, a DJ is typically cheaper. Whichever option you go with though, be sure to see them in action beforehand!

Can they play your ‘must plays’ and will they respect your ‘do not play’ list? You may have a list of songs you’d like to hear but not of all them in the band’s repertoire. Don’t forget, a band doesn’t actually play for the entire evening and you will need to prepare / have input on a playlist for in between sets! This might be your opportunity to play your favourite artist’s version of a few of those must plays!

It is often as simple as your preference! Do you enjoy the live energy that a band brings to your event? Will more of your crowd get up and dance with a live band and is that what you want? Or perhaps, your crowd isn’t a dancing crowd, and in that case, a live band can actually be great entertainment for them, even if they remain at their tables.  

As the alternative, a DJ can provide more variety for a group with a wider age range. They also don’t require breaks between sets, can change on the fly and adjust to the tone of the event.

Regardless of your choice, be open and upfront about the experience that you’re expecting. Reception music sets the tone for the evening, and enhances the event that you’re hosting for your guests.

For more information about selecting the right equipment to go with you music choice check out blog about Navigating the World of Event AV.

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