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Where to compromise on your wedding budget?

By: The GrandWay
November 15, 2021

Weddings can be expensive, let’s not dance around that fact. However, a wedding doesn’t need to put you into debt. There are many ways you can cut costs and continue to make your wedding day beautiful without being financially draining. 

Start with being really clear and honest about your budget. Then decide what you must have and what you can live without. It is so important to have you and your partner on the same page and compromising throughout the entire wedding process. Staying on budget and not wavering from it is so important. As you start to dream of what your big day will look like and put prices on all the different pieces, some pieces will be outside of your budget at first, but use the list below to think of ways to cut costs at your wedding.

  • Cut down the number of guests invited.
  • Simplify the menu.
  • Don’t serve appetizers, choose snacky foods instead during your cocktail hour, ex: chips.
  • Consider a cash bar instead of an open bar.
  • Cut back on bridal party accessories and gifts.
  • Decide not to give guests wedding favours.
  • Choose a different day to get married, ex: Fridays are less expensive.
  • Instead of printed invites, email and/or call guests.
  • Do a wedding website and have guests accept/decline on there.
  • Handwrite addresses on invite envelopes.
  • Buy your bridal dress in advance.
  • Buy your dress off the rack, from a trunk show, as a sample size, or second-hand.
  • Join wedding groups on social media for deals.
  • Sign-up for spam from local wedding vendors to receive deals.
  • Hire a new photographer, they have lower rates while they learn.
  • Simplify your flowers, add more greenery, and/or buy flowers in season.
  • Rent your jewelry and/or hair accessories.
  • Book your photographer for fewer hours, ex: 8 hrs instead of a full day.
  • Say no to boutonnieres.
  • Ditch ceremony programs, or print less of them. Your guests can share programs.
  • DIY your decor, ex: seating chart, centrepieces, etc.
  • One menu per table, instead of one per person.
  • Use candles for a simple and romantic ambience, instead of expensive decor.
  • Have a polaroid for guests to take pictures instead of a photo booth.
  • Ditch the signature drink.
  • Forgo top-shelf liquor.
  • Consider a buffet instead of a served meal.
  • Do the music playlist yourself and have a responsible guest manage it for you.
  • Say no to cake, just serve a smaller dessert, ex: cookies, squares, etc.
  • Order late-night munchies for only 60-70% of your guests. Not everyone will eat them.
  • Don’t order any extras (ie: extra prints) from your photographer..yet.
  • Choose basic linens, instead of a special order.
  • Do your own hair and make-up.
  • Get ready at home, not a hotel room.
  • Limit guest alcoholic beverages, ex: consider drink tickets.
  • Consider a wedding brunch over a dinner.
  • Use fruit in your centrepieces, instead of all flowers.
  • Host your wedding in the offseason.
  • Downsize your bridal party.
  • Don’t rent a limo, ask a friend to drive you.

Just because you’re cutting costs, doesn’t mean you have to cut the fun or beauty out of your big day! You’ll remember the special moments with your favourite people more than all the “things” at your wedding. 

To help you keep on budget, our wedding coordinators have a variety of options for you to choose from. They will help you create a beautiful day, no matter what your budget is. Contact us today by clicking the link.

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