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black and white wedding invite spread on a table with a pink bow around it.

Virtual or printed invites?

By: Louise Frost
March 20, 2023

To print and mail invites or to send them virtually? 

Well, we are in a modern age…so you might feel eager to just send your wedding invites virtually BUT emails can go to junk or get lost in busy inboxes. This might mean that guests miss their personalized invite…which is not ideal.

But let’s consider both options…

Virtual Email Invites

  • They are faster to produce and send out.
  • 100s of easy templates to use to create your invites.
  • It’s fairly simple to gather guest emails. If some guests don’t have emails, you could do a personal phone call and maybe create an invite and print a small amount and mail it to those individuals (20 invites will be cheaper than 150).
  • Fast delivery to your guests, no waiting weeks for the invites to be delivered.
  • Easy to keep track of responses (use a wedding website).
  • Fun and modern look and feel.
  • Eco-friendly…less waste is always good!
  • Fairly cheap to use. This will depend on what wedding invite service you use or the template. There are free and paid options.

Printed and Mailed Invites

  • If you’re a more traditional couple this could be a beautiful option. You can also save one to keep or frame as a keepsake.
  • For those without email, this is a great option.
  • Beautiful paper types, colours, and layouts to choose from. You can really wow your guests before they even come to your big day.
  • This is a more expensive option. Paper and stamps are not cheap! Make sure you get quotes to check if it fits with your budget.
  • You can get really creative with the style of the invite – paper stock (the touch and feel of it), colours, the way you layer the invite in the envelope…The options are endless and really beautiful.

Whether you’re keeping with tradition or want to be techier…both options have a modern and creative aspect to them. You truly want your invite to match your wedding day theme. Make sure they are easy to read, have a reply card, and note any extra details you may need to tell your guests (for example food allergies). 

Use your invite as a wow factor and set the tone/mood of your wedding day! Have fun and keep them within budget.

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