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Venue vs Restaurant for your big day

By: The GrandWay
August 5, 2021
Event Planning, Parties & Special Occasions, Weddings

Why choose a venue instead of a restaurant for your wedding?

So you’re looking for that perfect location for your wedding but you’re not sure if a venue (a banquet/event hall) or a restaurant will be best for your big day? This is an important decision with a lot to consider and we understand how overwhelming it can feel.

Your favourite restaurant could be an amazing option as it may have sentimental reasons, your favourite dish, and/or the right style, however, it may not have everything you need to make you and all your guests feel comfortable. Here are a few items you’ll want to consider in your decision in choosing a wedding location:

A versatile space.

Whether you have 25 or 200 guests, a venue can make it happen easily! Why limit your large family or friend group afterall? A wedding venue has comfortable options for both small and large weddings. They are equipped to handle different styles of seating so you can create a grand and elegant style or a closer and intimate style. Regardless, everyone will be able to see the bride and groom – but also Uncle John will appreciate the extra space to bust a move on the dance floor! In all seriousness and with current COVID regulations, it is also important that your guests can be spaced out appropriately and feel safe – and a venue will have more room to do this.

Food designed just for you and your guests.

So you’d like to invite 200 people, awesome! A venue has a kitchen ready to serve and excite your guests with a culinary delight. Your favourite restaurant most definitely can cook your favourite dish, however, are they able to replicate it 200 times and be able to plate and serve your guests all at one time? Not likely. At a venue, you will work with the chef and customize delicious plated or buffet meal options from appetizers to dessert, and include a late night snack. Lastly, it is important to note that a venue has a lot of experience developing a variety of safe meals for anyone with food restrictions or allergies in larger quantities.

An inclusive space.

A large venue space has many features already set-up to ensure every guest feels included at the ceremony. The venue would already have an accessibility plan developed (because of their extensive experience with large events) and because the venue would follow the Accessibility Standards for the Design of Public Spaces. Restaurants, however, may not have an accessibility plan pre-developed for large events, like your wedding, and it could be a stressful process for you while trying to ensure all guests are included.

Technology at your fingertips

Venues either have built in A/V equipment or access to A/V equipment suppliers easily. No need to rent your own and then stress as you struggle to set it all up. At a venue the speakers, microphones, projectors, and screens can be set-up for you (or are already installed permanently), making it less stressful the day of your wedding. This also makes it easy for DJ’s, bands, etc, to hook up their equipment with minimal issue.

Wedding Coordinators ready and on deck!

Venues have specially trained wedding/event coordinators available to guide you through your wedding planning decisions, set-up the space for you, and deal with any issues on the day of, without you even knowing they happened. They help make your wedding day effortless and stress free. Restaurants would not usually have a dedicated person to guide you through your big day, therefore you would either need to hire one or do it yourself – which could add stress to your wedding day. Since your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, having a wedding coordinator ready and “on deck” to assist you throughout the wedding planning process and day of schedule will minimize stress so you can have fun and enjoy the celebration!
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