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Should I get a band, DJ, or take care of the music myself at my wedding?

By: The GrandWay
January 31, 2022
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All right it’s time to bust a move! There’s nothing more fun than great music on your big day, it can make or break the mood and vibe you want to set. 

If your family loves to dance give them something to talk about for years to come. Not sure if a DJ, band, or just a plain old playlist is a good option for your wedding day? Here are our thoughts on each option:


A professional band at your wedding can bring such great energy to the reception. Depending on if it is a cover band or plays original music, they give a personal tone to the wedding. A band creates lots of fun by interacting with the audience. They can even be the DJ during dinner – which is a bonus! If you choose a band, definitely check them out at a gig before booking them for your big day. A band can be the more expensive choice, but a good band will create a fun and interactive dance floor experience for you and your guests.


This is a great in-between if you can’t afford a band but don’t want to take care of the music yourself. DJs will curate a playlist for you with all your favourite songs and keep the music going all night. They are also great at creating a fun atmosphere and generally aren’t as expensive as it would be booking a band. If you need an emcee, a DJ can usually step into that role for you as well. 

Do the music yourself

An affordable option is to take care of the wedding playlist on your own. All you need is a computer or phone, some speakers, and…BAM! You have yourself a party. With this option, you will have full control to choose all of the music. If you go this route, consider having a designated person (friend or family member) managing the music for you. Make sure they understand the agenda and your wants/needs for the evening. Overall, doing all the music at your wedding is a very inexpensive way to have great music at your wedding, it will just require some advanced organizing on your part. 

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