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Questions to ask your wedding venue

By: Louise Frost
February 20, 2023

You take time out of your busy schedule and take a tour of a beautiful wedding venue. Then you get home and think…oh wait… “I forgot to ask this” or “I didn’t understand what that means?”. It happens and most venues are happy to answer any question at any time, some faster than others.

It’s important when you are looking at venues to know your budget and the approximate number of guests. You don’t have to know these details, however, it could become confusing for you and the venue if you don’t. 

Let’s be efficient, we are here to keep you organized. Here are the questions to ask your wedding venue:

  1. How many people can I fit in your hall?
  2. Is your patio or outdoor area licensed?
  3. Could I bring in outside catering?
  4. Do you charge for linens and tableware?
  5. Do you have any decor? Can I bring in my own decor? (specific items you want)
  6. What are the menu options?
    (If you require a specific food item or have allergies, now is the time to ask if the venue can accommodate your request.)
  7. Will I have a Wedding Coordinator for the day of?
  8. Can I decorate the day before?
  9. Are we able to store anything in the facility leading up to the wedding?
  10. Do you have a tent for my outdoor wedding?
  11. What is included in your open bar? 
  12. What is the difference cost-wise for an open bar versus a tab bar?

These are the big questions to ask…they may lead to more questions as it opens up the discussion.

Overall, don’t come unprepared to your venue meetings. You want to ensure you get all the information and compare apples to apples. So if you ask a question at one venue but miss asking it at another, well you could have missed a great opportunity!

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