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How to incorporate sober options into your wedding day?

By: Louise Frost
October 16, 2023
Event Planning, Parties & Special Occasions, Weddings

You can’t deny it…the sober curious movement is trending! 

The movement has evolved as people feel empowered during periods of their lives, by their own choosing, to say ‘no’ to alcoholic beverages. Some individuals decide based on their physical and/or mental health, others may choose to keep it private, for example, someone who is pregnant or is the designated driver. Providing fun and delicious alternative options is a great way to ensure an event is inclusive.

Regardless of anyone’s reason to choose to be sober, they may not share this information with you before your wedding day, so no matter what kind of wedding you are hosting, having a few options for those choosing sobriety is in your favour and will be appreciated by those who desire to keep it a secret.

It doesn’t need to be complicated!

  1. Have a beverage for every guest so they can do proper cheers to you.
    This could be bubbly for guests and then a non-alcoholic sparkling drink (i.e.: Gingerale, or sparkling apple cider). Pre-pour both options and label them.
  2. At the bar have 2 or more drink options for guests. ONE alcoholic cocktail and one mocktail. They should be equally delicious.
  3. Create a signature drink that could be made with or without alcohol.
  4. If you’re not having an open bar, consider covering all costs for the non-alcoholic drinks. (Sober guests may be dealing with drunk guests and/or driving home guests who have consumed alcohol…all of which is very nice!) It is a thoughtful way to say thank you.
  5. Sober guests are fun too! So provide a fun mocktail that will excite them just as much as someone drinking alcohol.
  6. Are you having servers walk around with cocktails? Add mocktail(s) options on there as well for guests to easily grab. 

It’s never a problem if you want a completely sober wedding we would encourage you to note this to the bartender in advance of your wedding day. All cocktail and mocktail recipes should be provided well in advance of your wedding date to ensure all ingredients can be sourced. On the day ensure you have listed all the ingredients of any cocktail/mocktail being served.

If you’re planning a wedding, The GrandWay is here to help! Our team loves putting together cocktail and mocktail recipes and would love to host your group.

Contact a GrandWay Wedding Coordinator by emailing!

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