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White chairs in a line, two chairs have flowers and picture frames of loved ones on them.

How to honour a lost loved one at your wedding

By: The GrandWay
March 21, 2022
Event Planning, Weddings

It’s never easy to say goodbye or to think about celebrating a big moment in your life without the people you love the most being there. Losing loved ones is always hard and the last few years during COVID have not made it easier. We wanted to help ease the stress of wondering how to honour your lost loved one and curated this list to ease your mind.

  1. Light a candle
  2. Save an empty seat – add their favourite item or flower
  3. Place their image somewhere special
  4. Mention them in your speeches or ceremony
  5. Take a photo with their image as if they were there
  6. Accept donations to their favourite charity in their honour
  7. Place a keeps sake in or around your bouquet, or pocket so they can be with you
  8. Wear something of theirs – a watch, jewelry, broach, etc

These are simple but special things to do to make you feel like you’ve included them and ensure they are not forgotten as you celebrate saying “I do”. You can carry their memory forward and cherish the time you had together.

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