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How to choose your wedding colours?

By: Louise Frost
September 25, 2023

When choosing your wedding colours, it’s tough to decide whether you should go with what’s trendy or go with your favourite colour. It’s a big decision because you’ll be looking at your wedding photos for years to come.

Is there a colour that you will look back on and always love, is there a trend that may bring your favourite colour in but still be trendy?

…Let’s look into this more!

If you choose the stylish colour/popular colour for the season, let it be known you’ll definitely have the “cool factor”. It will look super modern to you and your guests while making a clear statement. This is great for the moment, but, as we know, some trends do sometimes fade and become outdated. For example, neutral colours like dusty rose or sage green are in style right now and give a classic look, we could all agree for the most part this colour will look good today and in the future. But maybe your favourite colour is bright orange? Now, bright bold colours are definitely hot for 2024, but because they are so bold they may not be seen as elegant 20 years from now

… but maybe to you they will…something to consider for sure!

If you choose your wedding colour(s) based on your preferences and not the trend for that year, is that better? We wouldn’t say it is better or worse. If you do choose your favourite colour instead of the trendy colour, the great thing is that you’ll always have it to look back at and feel special. 

We love the idea of being on trend because it gives you a stylish approach to your wedding day, but there’s something about owning your own uniqueness that is appealing as well. Whatever colour you choose, make sure you LOVE IT and it represents both of you well because regardless of anyone’s opinion, it’s YOUR day!

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