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bride holding fall flowers

Fall in love with a fall wedding

By: Louise Frost
October 3, 2022

“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.”

– Oscar Wilde

Pumpkin spice and everything nice…that’s how we describe fall weddings! The colours on the trees and the crisp cool air make for a beautiful setting for a wedding. It’s no surprise that it is a popular time of year for weddings.

Our favourite reasons to choose fall for your wedding:

Autumn is our favourite colour

Who can’t resist the deep burgundy, bright oranges, and sunny yellows? If you like deep colour palettes, like rusty orange, deep purple, and blue then fall is for you! Use these colour palettes for decor, wedding party dresses and suits, and flowers. In our “Wedding Flowers..Bloomin’ Brilliant or Bloomin’ Ridiculous” blog, we note that flowers can be expensive (but make a huge statement!), however, in the fall mums are in season…they have lots of colours to choose from and are very affordable!

Fall breezes

Cooler days mean you won’t be as hot. Anyone wearing suits will thank you! Generally in the fall, the weather is pretty nice, there’s not too much rain, the air is cooler…we’d say that’s perfect.

Fresh produce available

Ontario produce is getting harvested and that means you can enjoy those fruits and vegetables a little more than other times of the year. We love a tasty butternut squash soup!

The spice is right

Since fall is cooler, you can use different warm spices to flavour your menu or your cocktails! Did we say pumpkin spice? Yum. Check out some fun drinks by reading this article, click here

Travelling is still easy to do

Fingers crossed there’s no snow in October! Usually, in Elora, Ontario (where we call home!), we don’t have snow on the ground yet. This makes those family and friends who have to drive or fly from far away able to travel to your wedding with ease.

A fall wedding is the perfect combination of cozy and earthy vibes. You can play off of the colours of the trees, do your pictures outside while not being too hot, and travel is still easy for guests. If you can’t have your wedding in the fall, consider your engagement photos in the fall, then you can still enjoy that autumn feel for your wedding. 

A fall wedding means that you’ll be saying “apple-y ever after”!

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