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Do you want to have snowy nuptials?

By: The GrandWay
December 20, 2021

Winter weddings aren’t always the frosty experience you’d expect. They are becoming a very popular choice amongst the next generation of couples! Winter weddings aren’t the cold and dreary option you once thought they were. Let’s look at why a winter wedding could be a great choice when getting married:

  1. Winter weddings bring less stress.

Yes and no. Less stress because your actual wedding will be inside and won’t be affected by the weather. You won’t have to move the location of your wedding due to weather (not like an outdoor summer wedding threatened by rain). They also can be less stressful for those who are travelling from afar because flights aren’t as booked up. However, if you have family or friends flying or driving in, severe weather (ie: a snowstorm) could alter their/your plans. Consider encouraging them to have a buffer day or backup plan for their travel arrangements, just in case.

  1. In the winter, more dates are available at venues.

Most couples enjoy getting married in the spring, summer, or fall (peak seasons). Winter isn’t part of the peak wedding season and, because of this, event spaces will have more dates available to choose from. Booking your wedding in the winter will make the dates you want more obtainable and you’ll be more likely to get what you want. Venues aren’t the only ones that aren’t filled up with events, your family and friends don’t usually have too many events to attend either. That means your guests will be able to say yes because they are excited to leave their home to go out for a night on the town!

  1. Winter weddings are cheaper.

Don’t want to pay peak season prices? A winter wedding can be cheaper and very budget-friendly. During summer and fall, prices for event spaces tend to be higher to justify the extra demand. Not only are most event centres cheaper, but hotel accommodations will be also. 

  1. Access to more vendors

Vendors aren’t as busy during the winter. This means you may be able to score a premium photographer or baker because they have openings in their bookings or offer different rates in the winter. If a vendor is good at what they do, chances are they will be very booked up. However, in their off-season, they may be more available and looking for work, so that’s when you can swoop in and snag them!

A winter wedding also gives you a chance to get more creative when doing decor or gifts for guests. Use more greens and deep colours, candles, etc. You could even have throw blankets around that compliment your wedding colours and keep your guests warm. If you have cocktails and access to a patio, the venue may have fire pits around for your guests to sit down and cozy up around. Also, what about a hot chocolate station? You could have options for children and options for various adult beverages too!
Winter weddings are a fun and beautiful choice for your wedding, so don’t count them out! Chat with our wedding professionals to see if a winter wedding would work well for you and your partner! Contact our team today.

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