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Don’t be nervous, consider the outdoors!

By: The GrandWay
April 21, 2020
Event Planning, Weddings

There are brides and grooms out there that love the idea of an outdoor wedding but feel they can’t face the stress of booking an outdoor ceremony or reception. There are fathers of the bride that will spend the next 6 months losing sleep and studying the farmers’ almanac, trying to predict the weather! It is a risk, but it can definitely be one worth taking with the right venue and plan(s) in mind!

Have a good backup plan

As with many wedding elements, it does come down to your preference; however, if you’re on the fence, a good backup plan that you’re comfortable with can help you take the leap!

Sometimes we take the leap, and then our ‘what if’ plan is simply believing that weather won’t impact your day. If you find yourself thinking, “oh don’t be silly, it won’t rain”, think again, plan for everything, and you’ll find you’re much happier with whatever the outcome is!

Something you can prepare ahead of time is backup, weather-related items. Provide blankets or umbrellas, or on the positive side, sunglasses, for the ceremony or reception. They can even double as favours! Thinking ahead about these things not only relieves stress as you watch the forecast but also lets your guests know that you had them in mind as you planned.

Location, location, location

An outdoor ceremony in light rain is one thing, but when it comes to the reception, perhaps to be comfortable with the plan you need an alternative. A tent in a location where it blends in with the site or remains unseen if it is not needed, but can easily accommodate the reception if required, is a great option.

Or maybe you would feel more comfortable reserving an indoor space at the venue, for any aspect of the day. This allows you to be fluid and move the ceremony indoors, but bring the cocktail hour back outdoors when things clear up. With all of your options being in the same location, with venue staff who are apprised of all of the alternate plans, it ends up being a simple call day of based on the weather and your preferences.

At The GrandWay, we have the space for your ideal plan and all of the backup plans that will give you the confidence to take the leap! If you’ve ever started to consider what an outdoor wedding might look like for you, we urge you to just start the conversation. Ask all of the questions. Discuss all of the plans. Let us help you take the risk to deliver the day of your dreams!

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