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Cake or cupcakes?

By: The GrandWay
July 13, 2020
Event Planning, Weddings

Oh, the age-old question, cake or cupcakes at the wedding? It’s actually a question that we can’t answer for you, but we can provide some food for thought (seriously, we have samples!) and share some approaches that we have seen.

Consider the purpose

First, consider what purpose you see the cake or cupcakes serving. Are they dessert? Late night snack? Do you intend on saving the cake, or part of it, for an anniversary? As dessert, that typically means almost everyone will indulge. For a late night snack, some guests may be gone already, and some guests may have a hunger than one serving may not satisfy, which can make ordering a challenge. Saving part of the cake for an anniversary is lovely – just make sure you communicate that with the servers who will be cutting the cake, and make sure that you order enough layers that aren’t being saved to feed the masses!

Consider any dietary requirements

Second, and depending on your answers to the above questions, are there are dietary requirements that need to be considered? If the cake is the late night snack, and you have a number of guests who can’t eat it, you will already be in a position where you are purchasing an alternative. In this case, does it make sense to have the cake of your dreams for the photo opportunity and the first anniversary, and something more easily scaled, adjusted, and served quickly for the late night snack?

Consider your budget

Third, look carefully at your budget. Many caterers and venues include a dessert option in their menu pricings. With you providing wedding cake as dessert, ask how much you will save on the per person price for dinner. Eating wedding cake for dessert might allow you to go for a slightly larger or more elaborate cake. That said, depending on your number of guests, how big (and expensive) will the cake be that feeds everyone? Do the math on several options, and make the decision that you are most comfortable with.

Consider serving logistics

Lastly, consider the logistics. How and when will the cake or cupcakes be served? What kind of time line do we have, ie. how quickly do we need to be able to cut the cake? Are you doing a cake cutting photo opportunity, and if you are, is it okay that it’s during dinner so that the rest of the cake can be cut and plated for dessert? How quickly can the servers make that happen? Are speeches happening during dessert, and if so, does it make sense to plate serve directly to the tables?

It comes down to your preferences and the experience that you would like to provide for your guests. Make sure to discuss with your venue the best ways to ensure things go to plan – the last thing we need is a bridesmaid missing out on a cupcake, or a cake being cut in slices too large, resulting in there not being enough to go around!

We are here to help and are happy to offer suggestions, connect you with some of our local bakeries, and ultimately, make your day a dream come true!

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