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50 Unique Wedding Favour Ideas

By: The GrandWay
November 8, 2021

What wedding favours should I give my guests at my wedding? This can be an overwhelming question, so our team of wedding experts has curated a list of 50 creative gift ideas within a wide range of budgets that your guests will love. A lovely idea when purchasing your gifts is to consider buying from local small businesses whenever you can, see links for local businesses below.

Here are 50 wedding favours that your guest will love:

  1. Wax candle*
  2. Wine stopper
  3. Treat bag with your favourite candy
  4. Candy bar
  5. Custom trinket
  6. Holiday tree decoration*
  7. Custom cookie*
  8. Custom shot glass
  9. Custom chocolate*
  10. Engraved glass – champagne, beer, gin, etc
  11. Planting seeds
  12. Small plant, ex: a succulent*
  13. Reusable straw
  14. Maple syrup*
  15. Flavoured cooking oil*
  16. Honey*
  17. Custom neoprene can holder
  18. Popcorn*
  19. Hand made soap*
  20. Small bottle of champagne, wine, etc.
  21. Imprinted golf ball
  22. Ground coffee* 
  23. Teabags*
  24. Salt and pepper shakers
  25. Hot sauce*
  26. Breath mints
  27. Candy apple*
  28. Cotton candy
  29. Custom essential oil roller blend*
  30. Bath salt*
  31. Bubbles
  32. S’more in a bag
  33. Custom lollypop*
  34. Small bowl or plate*
  35. Custom mug
  36. Bottle opener
  37. Custom deck of cards
  38. Sunglasses in your wedding colours
  39. Small picture frame
  40. Key chain
  41. Hand sanitizer*
  42. Scented hand lotion*
  43. Custom box of matches
  44. Hot chocolate in a jar
  45. Mini donut*
  46. Small planter*
  47. Special thank you message in a bottle
  48. Custom cookie cutter*
  49. Cheeseboard*
  50. Stained glass*

*Shop local option!

If you’re looking to shop locally, check out these websites below for local businesses: 




Feeling like sharing even more love on your big day? If a physical gift isn’t the right fit for you, consider donating what you would have spent on gifts to a local charity donation. Then at the ceremony, let your guests know which charity you donated to and leave an option for them to consider also giving to the charity. What a great way to make a meaningful impact on your big day!

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