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The Importance of a Company Holiday Celebration

By: The GrandWay
November 11, 2020
Corporate, Event Planning

There are many reasons to have a company holiday party, and it goes beyond it being an opportunity to get dressed up and enjoy a delicious meal!

A festive party acts as a thank you, an opportunity to thank your staff and colleagues for their hard work over the past year. This, for most of us, may be incredibly relevant for 2020! It’s an opportunity to give everybody a break, to let go of a stressful year that has passed, and reset for the coming year with renewed motivation and engagement.

The pandemic may have put a wrench in many of our 2020 plans, but celebrating the holidays with our team should remain a priority. A well planned holiday party (virtual or otherwise) can result in a boost to team morale and continue to benefit your company into the New Year.

When planning for 2020’s holiday celebration, first, assess the comfort level of your team. Are they comfortable gathering in a distanced but in-person format, would they prefer a virtual holiday party, or would they prefer to celebrate at the workplace, somewhere where they are already comfortable? Whatever you do, don’t not host a Christmas celebration. Not hosting a party and/or not acknowledging the season can send an extremely negative message to your team around how the leadership group values the staff.

So let’s talk alternatives specifically for 2020! Boxed Christmas lunches delivered to the office and enjoyed in the safety of our own space. Booking a space that could easily accommodate a group 3-5x larger than you, meaning, there’s lots of space to distance. Hosting a virtual holiday social, complete with entertainment such as a comedian, musician, or an interactive activity. Acknowledging the season with a donation on behalf of the team, with clear plans to host the Christmas party later in the year. Give the gift of time – time that your team can spend away from work with their bubbles, again, with the intention (and clear communication of this) to host the holiday get together at a later date.

When you’re ready to chat options, the team at The GrandWay is here to help! We can offer boxed meals, in-person events in the short term and long term, and even the technology and space to support hybrid event options <link to the tech one?>.

Overall, a holiday party is a team celebration, and it’s important to involve the team in the decision-making process this year. What they are comfortable with, what they are looking for, and how they would like to celebrate and be celebrated should all be considered in your plan.

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