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Should you do your photos before or after your wedding ceremony?

By: The GrandWay
August 20, 2021

To take photos before the ceremony or to take them after your ceremony – THAT is the question! 

Depending on the amount of time you have and how traditional you are, this can be a conflicting topic. We went through the pros and cons of each option to help break it down for you.

Taking wedding photos BEFORE the ceremony


  • It’s romantic. It allows you and your partner to have a quiet and intimate moment.
  • You won’t feel as rushed.
  • You will feel “fresh” and not have to worry about fixing hair, makeup, or wrinkles, etc.
  • There’s more time for partying at the reception. This allows more dedicated time with your guests.
  • You will have your closest friends and family attend the photos, so this means you can have more personal time with them before the reception.
  • Non-traditional. (This could be a pro or a con!)


  • Your wedding rings won’t technically be on your fingers, so you will need to decide if you want to wear them before the official ceremony or not.
  • You will need to organize the family members that are required for the photos in advance.
  • You will need to be ready much earlier.
  • It might cost you more depending on how the photographer bills you.

Taking wedding photos AFTER the ceremony


  • There is an element of surprise.
  • You will share your big reveal with all your guests. (This could be a pro or a con depending on how you look at it!)
  • All those required to be in photos are already there (less organizing).
  • Very traditional. (This could be a pro or a con!)
  • Wedding rings are on already.


  • You are separated from your guests for a couple of hours. Either a) guests enjoy a small reception or b) they “entertain themselves” during this time, which creates a slight disconnect and can be awkward for guests who are from out of town or have kids.
  • You may need to touch up your makeup, hair, etc.
  • It might cost you more depending on how the photographer bills you.
  • You may need to herd some forgetful family members to join you for photos.

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