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One dress or two on your wedding day?

By: Louise Frost
October 11, 2022

So you’re feeling bold on your big day… worked out the budget and… oh my goodness! You could actually get the TWO dresses… You think wow, how exciting…having a ceremony dress and then a reception dress is a dream come true…so you start thinking about how to make this happen!

First, finding one dress is hard enough for most brides. So keep that in mind during this process. One dress allows you to really “get your money’s worth” out of it! We don’t say that to sway you, but solely for you to think about how much that dress will cost and How little time you’ll get in it… and now you’ll be sharing that time with two dresses.

Consider a dress that ‘converts’. A long dress that it’s skirt comes off and there’s a shorter dress underneath or pants. What a fun and surprising style change for you (more comfort for dancing potentially) and your guests!

Still stuck on 2 dresses? That’s cool… we know it’ll be awesome!

Bargain shop for the dresses so you can focus your budget on the tailoring.

Get a really big beautiful dress for the ceremony and then a sleek elegant one for the reception.

Get a beautiful white dress for the ceremony and then one with colour for the reception.

What about a traditional gown for the ceremony and then a fun jumper (one-piece) for the reception?

Make it fun and be sure to include adequate ‘dress-changing time’ into your day-of plan. Note the pics you want of each dress with the photographer along with the timing of the change, and who will help you (get your bridesmaids to assist).

Whatever you choose for your big day, we are here to assist!

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